Breaking the water.

The title of this first blog is suitable for 2 reasons. One, I thought saying ‘losing my virginity’ (blog wise) might get a few people reading who had different intentions of what they wanted to find.

So here I am, breaking the waters of the first blog. Breathing, bobbing around, flailing at times.

Bare with me, I am a Science teacher, not an English teacher. I still get my apostrophes wrong. I may have even spelt apostrophe wrong? Shit knows. But I’m here to pen fingers to screen and share thoughts, ramblings and just what ever the heck springs to mind about this beautiful thing we call life. And mainly life as a parent.

The second reason for the title is while flicking mind numbingly through sky tv channels, waiting for Lily to wake, I came across  a birthing programme. There, in the birthing room, were 8 extra (extra!) people (mum, dad, sister, friend, husband, granny, sister n law, aunty) and a FREAKING LIVE STREAM ON A LAPTOP to an Aunty and uncle!!! What. The. Hell! And there, all 10 of them watched while the midwife got the AWFUL crochet hook (I had this done to me. Violated) and broke the girls waters because they wanted it to “hurry up and get into the world”. No words.

So here is the first blog. It’s done, pressure is relieved, just like the feeling of release when the crochet hook nicks babies watery cocoon, whether intended that way or not.


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