In the moment.


A while ago, Lily and I were driving home from the local town and I really wanted to get Lily home for a decent sleep and myself some food. Not gonna lie, there was was a touch of hangriness involved but I became very irate as we hit one of the two passing lanes before you get to the motorway to home. A convoy of cars were taking up BOTH lanes and driving well below the speed limit. I got on my horn and waved signs and mouthed pull over pull over slow ****. Once I finally passed the convoy I realised perhaps why they were driving slower and taking up the two lanes………it was a funeral procession and the hearse was in front.

Ohhhhh God. Awful human being right here!! I slunk down in my seat and did a courtesy wave (cause that’ll make it better right?) and carried on my way feeling TERRIBLE.

In that moment, I realised I needed to just let what ever else I wanted to do go, and just drive, cruise, be in no hurry.

Easier said than done with all the ‘things’ we feel we need to get done each day, but ask yourself, how important is that thing in the grand scheme? Are you missing key moments, beautiful moments, with not only your baby/child but also yourself?

Recently, tea time for Lily is a fun game of put hand to mouth and spit out the food given from the fork. We do offer finger foods for dinner but in this instance, it was daddy feeding her from the fork chunky food instead (again, it’s what we thought as being ‘faster’. All a learning curve). I was watching and saw she was grabbing the fork when daddy put it near her mouth. So we gave her the fork and bowl and let her ‘feed’ herself.

It was a beautiful and happy emotional moment, seeing the sheer joy on her vegetable covered face, teeth grinning through the mush as she tried manovering the fork from the bowl to her mouth. Subtle, fine movements. And once that ended, forceful banging of the fork on the plate, singing and wiggling in the chair. That’s my girl.

Smell the roses, literally. Take the time to touch, smell, even taste the roses with yourself and baby. We keep saying it but they truely grow so fast. We forget they are experiencing moments for the very first time pretty much every day so enjoy it, savour it, cherish it, slow down, appreciate it. We are lucky. Enjoy them and their awesomeness.

Be in the moment. But be in the moment on a full tummy 😊

If you are looking for more information on children being children and letting them dictate the pace of their experiences, Janet Lansbury has good resources.


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