No photos on social media.

I'm super super low on iron at the mo so I've been put on iron tablets. Downside is is that they bung you up. So I've had a fair lot of time on the loo. And it's here I've done some reading and pondering... Here is the crux of it; We don't put Lily, photo... Continue Reading →

Acknowledge it.

  I'm scared. I'm scared that it will be similar or worse; I'm scared for the upcoming birth of baby baker two. 3 months to go. The body knows what to do. Baby will arrive when it's ready. Just how it arrives makes me nervous. I'm not going to go into massive details about Lilys... Continue Reading →

Complacency and being lulled.

As a teacher, the first few weeks of the new school year are bliss. Kids are angels who listen intently, write down everything you say, follow instructions and make you feel like 'Yes! These little cherubs are the best behaved kids!' Come about week 7, they start to be a tad too cool, they test... Continue Reading →

It’s all about you, dear mumma.

I'm sure you can trawl the internet and find a million posts out there about looking after you post baby (or in general!). So this is post number one million and one. Because I care.  Time for you This old cliche. You have just given new life into this world. Fucking high 5 to you!... Continue Reading →

Explosions, adulting and no books.

Today, I can't adult. It's 330am. The cat is meowing and scratching at the door for food already. I'm awake, I'm up. Bump into hubby who is sleeping in the other room due to 'infectious' me. Charming. It's 520am, he's off to work. I collapse into him, a sobbing mess. He guides me back to... Continue Reading →

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