Raves, making new friends and playdates.

When I was 15, we moved into a new house on a new street. I knew a boy who lived down the road and I thought I would befriend him. I didn't like him as in a crush, I liked him because he shared the same music interests (techno!) as me and he was in... Continue Reading →

Underestimation of the role. Cue elevator music

A few years ago, before we even thought of having kids, in a time when we ran a kick-ya-shoes-off give no f'***s lifestyle, I went down to the town I grew up in to stay with some buddies. These beautiful buddies have kiddies and had 2 under the age of 3 at the time. Now... Continue Reading →

The Big D.

  Mummas coffee group the other day was one to say 'see you later' to our wonderful friend and her bubba who is not so bubba-ish anymore. Where did the time go? When did they evolve into toddlers? ¬†God dam they grow so quick; the usual conversation between us these days. I have weeping JD... Continue Reading →

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