12 truths about the end of pregnancy.

We are in the throes of it right now. 38 weeks and quickly/slowly counting. And by we I mean me. Because really dear Husband, you are my rock, my support, but you don't know what this is feeling like. I tried explaining to him, the soreness feels. That heavy, weighing down feeling where everything is... Continue Reading →

Childcare options. ‘Cause I had no idea.

Lily is at home with me 24/7. It's a blessing but holy crap it can also be a pain in the ass too. What I do with her? I'm not a creative person. I lack fun, stimulating ideas. Create some collage shit? Pretend play? Bounce on the beds and couch? Obstacle courses? Go to the... Continue Reading →

Relatability. Or not.

I'm not sure I am relatable to you. At all. I'm not sure my posts ring true to anyone. I just ramble. But I ramble honestly. These random things that I write about actually happen. Not made up. For some reason weird things happen. This has been like this for my whole life. A bit... Continue Reading →

Using baby wipes. A lesson learnt.

Baby wipes. A universal godsend at times, not just for doing anything with babies. Used for in the past for me: Stubborn eye makeup remover. Baby wipes. Deodorizer on the pits in summer. Baby wipes. No working showers at a camping music festival, where my bits needed a refresh. Baby wipes. Cleaning poo off bums... Continue Reading →

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