Using baby wipes. A lesson learnt.

Day 2 of chemical burn from baby wipe

Baby wipes. A universal godsend at times, not just for doing anything with babies.

Used for in the past for me: Stubborn eye makeup remover. Baby wipes. Deodorizer on the pits in summer. Baby wipes. No working showers at a camping music festival, where my bits needed a refresh. Baby wipes. Cleaning poo off bums (babies). Baby wipes. Host a coffee group with members of the community who I don’t really know but am trying to make friends and notice a 10 inch of dust on every surface so a quick wet dust. Baby wipes. This time baby wipes worked but no-one turned up so I just sat and wallowed, eating brownie I had baked and admired my dust free surfaced house. Alone.


I googled other uses of baby wipes. Apparently you can use as an alternative to haemroid creme. Or clothing drawer sachets replacements. Or wiping your pets paws. Not gonna take that risk with our syko cat.

So we’ve used those single-use throw away little gems since ages ago.

What I didn’t vouch on happening is my beautiful babies face getting a nasty CHEMICAL BURN from using a baby wipe.

Scenario: We use them on her face and hands if out and about. At home, it’s a wet flannel. When I couldn’t find a clean non-cheesy smelling flannel in the drawer at breakfast time, I found a couple of wipes in a plastic ziplock bag. I didn’t put them there but I will use them anyway. (Weirdly at the time I had a gut feeling NOT to? But went against it. Weird.) Not really thinking why are they in the ziplock bag?

Within the hour, her wee cheek had red splotches on it. I thought nothing of it. By the end of the day the red splotches were more of an angry rash. But not bothering her. I think it’s a food allergy, possibly to the shit tonne of feijoas she’s been eating (baby wipes on bum needed in great quantities).

Next morning the rash has developed blisters. I think hand foot n mouth disease, as it’s going around. Doctor takes swabs of oozing blisters as he doesnt know what it could be. (At this stage I think NOTHING of the baby wipes). Tells us to keep it aired and gives antibiotics. Which Lily refuses cause it tastes like vomit mixed with earwax. Complete refusal.

Next day it’s looking so angry blistery oozing yuckness. Same thing. Air it and no antibiotics.


Next day, I crack my toe so go to the doctors as it feels/looks broken *cough*drama*cough. Possibly broken but won’t x-ray as prego and it’s just a toe. BUT the Doc looks at Lily’s angry face and automatically says school sores. Cover it, NOT air it. Wait for swab results. So confused!

Do that. Wait 3 days.  Looks terribly angry still. Ring for results as haven’t heard. It’s not bacterial or viral or anything. At this stage I’m going through in my head what it could be. ‘Cause lord knows they have given no resolve. Blisters disappearing and scabbing up now. And shit I’m feeling the guilts.

And it clicks. Perhaps it was the baby wipe I used on her face 6 days ago? Because she has eaten feijoas since. And only thing from that is fun nappies for me.

I ask mum if she knows about wipes and she said about 3 weeks prior to this they went out and she put a couple of wipes into a ziplock bag. So that solves where they came from. But why would they react like that? They were quite ‘wet’ feeling when I used them?

So now: Scabs are gone but 3 pock marked scars on her beautiful cheeks and a deep scar on the side of her mouth remain. It is still red rashy and gets angry purple in the cold. I cry and cry to Josh. I have scarred my gorgeous girls face! All from using an old baby wipe. We don’t know the brand we used either so can’t avoid them.

That was an awfully long story but moral is: Perhaps don’t use baby wipes on delicate faces. Or if baby is sensitive. Or don’t use them if they have been sitting around NOT in their bought container.

And go with your gut instinct! It’s a thing! I felt weird using them but did it anyway and now bubba has a scarred face. #mummyguilts

Maybe stick to using them for haemroids, deodorizing and dusting last minute. I know that’s what I’ll be using them for in future.



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