Those first few days.

20170612_053746Those first few days.

Double maternity pad wearing, child bearing

Hips ache, belly shakes. Thirsty hungry both of us. Ring the bell, not cause a fuss. Midwife comes, milk the boob. Yellow liquid gold, perfect food.

Those first few days.

Little man sleepy time. All the time. Midwife says the birth turned out fine. Stitches checked on down below. Looks good and clean, you’d never know

Of the tears. Both eyes and fanny. Emotions run high, hormones at the ready! Come charging in those 3rd day blues! Constantly asked have you peed yet? Bled yet? Or pooed?

Juggling, fumbling, come on, latch! Impatient me, Breathe! It’ll happen.

Those first few days.

Staring, watching, take him all in. Calm beautiful boy, some skin to skin

Contact made, nose to nipple. Boob size doubles then it triples. Engorged leaky blistered nips. Pester the midwives asking for tips

How to best burp. How to swaddle. How to. How to. What why how who.

Those first few days.

Why can’t I sleep? Adrenaline high. I stare gawk and admire this boy we’ve created. So precious. So handsome. My heart is inflated

1 million times over. So much love, not enough. Does he have my nose, eyes or my mouth? He is him. A beauty to behold. A story to be told.

Those first few days.




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