What was in my post-birth bag; things that helped.

Whats in my maternity bag

I stare at my post birth bag in the bathroom, still yet to be unpacked. It’s only been 4 weeks…In it is what helped ease those first few days post birth at the maternity unit where Elijah was born.

So I thought I’d better unpack it and I’m now prompted to write this blog post (distracted saaahhh easily). For me, it was all about what will bring ME comfort, what is going to make this easier (I’m lazy) and what can I fit into this room without pissing off the midwives. You might find something here to help yourself or recommend to a friend. You also may read it and be like WTF who needs THAT?!!??

*Breast pads for leaky boobs. *Breast cream for nipples. *Breast soothing pads when milk comes in.

This nipple care cream is brilliant as you don’t need to wipe off before feeding

*Pads. With wings. The bigger the badder. Even if you don’t give birth vaginally, you still bleed too! So pack them!

*Decent loo paper. Like 3 ply. Seriously want the softest stuff on your delicates. Especially for the postbirth poo.

*Witch hazel and *pump bottle. Put bit of witch hazel into the bottle and fill with warm water. Squeeze onto ya bits in the shower. *And a nice soft flannel. All for cleaning the nether regions. The more you can care for down below, the better. No-one wants to be hospitalised later on for infection. Same goes for C-sections, although I’m sure they give you cleaning and care instructions! So don’t go putting witch hazel on your insicion!

*Eyemask. *Ear plugs. Huh? But I won’t hear my baby I hear you say? Oh yes you will! You will also hear everybloodythingelse on the ward. Other babies, cleaners, visitors, cleaners again. I heard some gossip that possibly shouldn’t have so that was a bit of excitement on ye ole maternity ward floor.

*Decent supportive bra. *Singlets/tops for easy breastfeeding access. Ain’t nobody got time for fumbling around awkwardly in the dark, trying to wrestle clothes off yourself.

*Arnica for bruising/swelling. Orally, not topically. 20170706_140617.jpg

*BB cream for your face or something similar. I am no princess. I don’t wear makeup very often but I put on a tiny bit and felt transformed (Extreme wording, but it did make me feel better).

*Squeezey water bottle for ease of water drinking.

*Kiwi fruit or other poo softeners. Lactolouse worked for me, but do check what’s suitable for you.


*Little fruit juices boxes. Mmmmmm.

*Decent lip balm! Suuuuuch sore lips from all the grunting/screaming (Jokes. Kinda) through labour. Or the air con.

*Wheatsack for after pains. Those suckers can have you gasping my god am I still in labour?!

*A pen. Exciting.

*Panadol and ibuprofen.

*Pillow from home.

*Jandals for the shower. *Comfy slippers/socks.

*Few big pairs of comfy undies that can be thrown away, Because leakage is going to happen. Also a couple of undies that are high waisted in case you have an emergency C-section. You don’t want elastic band line sitting on your incision!

Most importantly, the things that helped were lots of support, patience and love. Sending it your way Mumma.




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