Too soon for things.

In the middle of a chemistry exam at University I had a massive panic attack. Heart racing, sweaty, breathless, felt sick panic attack.        I left part way through my exam and went straight to the medical centre on campus to calm down. I had this panic attack because I wasn't ready to... Continue Reading →

The sun shines out my butt.

Little eyes and ears are ALWAYS watching and listening. ALWAYS. Mumma says "Wow look at that pretty rainbow" Lily says to dad "Wow daddy, look at that pretty rainbow". Muttering under breathe "Dick daddy didn't wash that dish right.." "Daddy you didn't wash it right dick..." With eyes and ears on high alert, there is... Continue Reading →

Self care. It matters.

I twisted my knee getting off the floor trying to avoid a bloody toy and it's been a bit sore since. So I've seen a physio. Obviously the leg needed to make an appearance for a massage and I pulled up my pant leg to reveal what can only be described as chewbaccas face glued... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry, I’m just…

Dear friends and family. I'm sorry I have been so absent lately. I'm sorry if I've missed your birthdays, your events. If I've flaked last minute to see you, I'm sorry. I see your messages and I go to reply but I'm not sure what to say most of the time. I value our friendship,... Continue Reading →

Those first few days.

Those first few days. Double maternity pad wearing, child bearing Hips ache, belly shakes. Thirsty hungry both of us. Ring the bell, not cause a fuss. Midwife comes, milk the boob. Yellow liquid gold, perfect food. Those first few days. Little man sleepy time. All the time. Midwife says the birth turned out fine. Stitches... Continue Reading →

12 truths about the end of pregnancy.

We are in the throes of it right now. 38 weeks and quickly/slowly counting. And by we I mean me. Because really dear Husband, you are my rock, my support, but you don't know what this is feeling like. I tried explaining to him, the soreness feels. That heavy, weighing down feeling where everything is... Continue Reading →

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