It’s not in the pregnancy body manual.

I'll start off by saying that below is a list of things that women can experience whilst pregnant. You may experience none, 3 or all of them. This is not an exhaustive list, just one that has been put together by chatting to friends, family and myself. This is also not a wahh wahh poor... Continue Reading →

Complacency and being lulled.

As a teacher, the first few weeks of the new school year are bliss. Kids are angels who listen intently, write down everything you say, follow instructions and make you feel like 'Yes! These little cherubs are the best behaved kids!' Come about week 7, they start to be a tad too cool, they test... Continue Reading →

Explosions, adulting and no books.

Today, I can't adult. It's 330am. The cat is meowing and scratching at the door for food already. I'm awake, I'm up. Bump into hubby who is sleeping in the other room due to 'infectious' me. Charming. It's 520am, he's off to work. I collapse into him, a sobbing mess. He guides me back to... Continue Reading →

The word good.

Walking around the neighbourhood, stalking hedges for a little inspiration, we came across 3 neighbours. Usual conversation ensues....'Hey, how are you?', 'good thank you'. 'How was your weekend' 'Good thank you'. All the convos involve the easy word of good. If I launched into a depressing spiel of no sleep, sore knee/back/tum/brain blah blah Continue Reading →

This is not a dear diary moment

This is not a dear diary moment....more of a telling tale to all the parents who will have their precious offspring go through the motions of bullying. ...An hour before netball practice the other day, the manager text us saying we would be doing a club promotion with a photo or video shoot. Panic set... Continue Reading →

Breaking the water.

The title of this first blog is suitable for 2 reasons. One, I thought saying 'losing my virginity' (blog wise) might get a few people reading who had different intentions of what they wanted to find. So here I am, breaking the waters of the first blog. Breathing, bobbing around, flailing at times. Bare with... Continue Reading →

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